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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Hoarders: Saddle Pad Edition

11:14 AM Posted by Emily Suhr 2 comments
I'll admit that I'm a fairly lighthearted and honest person, so I'll be completely honest with you in saying that it took me way too long to find an idea to start out this blog. I've got some cool ideas floating around in my head, but none of them are just right for a first post. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on how you look at it), I have a problem that I need to share that many other equestrians face.

I hoard saddle pads.

At the moment I have 6 saddle pads, 8 if you count half pads. I have a giant green "all-purpose" pad that is most definitely actually a Dressage pad and therefore doesn't fit my saddle, a green and black patterned pad that I hate, a plain white pad that irritates a horse's back like no other, another white pad that I would classify as a baby pad but actually really like, a navy baby pad that has gone missing, a pink saddle pad that I use in almost every lesson and desperately needs washed, and finally, two half pads, one of which I donated to the barn stash but I still count. That may not seem like a lot (okay, yes it does), but let me set a scene in your mind:
- I do not currently own or even lease a horse that needs that many saddle pads.
- My barn is very nice and has a wall of saddle pads for lesson students and clients that own horses as well!

The Majestic Wall of Saddle Pads
You can find almost any kind of saddle pad you want there, from baby pads to regular all-purpose pads. It's a saddle pad lover's dream!

So, why does a girl without a horse and access to a wall of saddle pads need so many? The simple answer is that I just don't. No one in their right mind needs to fill up half of a tack trunk that other people manage to share with two other people! Just with saddle pads!  Unfortunately for me, I don't plan on getting rid of any saddle pads soon. Even though I only ride in 3 of these 8 pads, I just can't force myself to give them up, even the ones that irritate my horse's back.

Can you guess which saddle is mine?
Some time in the future, I may update you if my saddle pad collection downsizes, and I will be sure to include pictures of the saddle pads in their new tack trunk. (they've been moved since this picture was taken) I'm starting to think my trainer needs to stage an intervention.

Your's truly,